Wool & Co


Wool and Co® is a trademark of Woolgroup s.r.l. company founded in 1990.

Since the beginning of its history, the Woolgroup manufacturing company has focused its attention to create a young, dynamic and professional teamwork to develop a knitwear collection with the following characteristics: styles, study of materials and treatments, details and correct positioning at the price level in the fashion market.

Wool and Co® well represents the philosophy of the company with its Italian origin, precisely from Florence, a guarantee of inspiration and design, Woolgroup also checks all the production phases, starting from the selection of the threads to the quality control and delivery of the its products. Actually Wool and Co®® is an international knitwear collection with retailers all over Europe to guarantee high quality standards and service for its customers in terms of delivery and customer service. The Wool and Co® knitwear collections are always focused on: details, treatment of materials, study of modern forms and search for adequate production costs, to offer its retailers the possibility of a simple product.

For over 35 years Woolgroup through its Brand Wool & Co has been analyzing, monitoring and improving its production and consumer system with a focus on global change.Why finding alternatives is possible.Circular economy and waste reduction by increasing product quality and fighting fast fashion in an exasperated way to protect the environment. Our garments are made with a high quality sustainable yarn traceable in every phase, from the farm to the consumer. The wool used in addition to being of excellent quality is at the same time ethical, respectful of the environment and the well-being of the sheep and the human being.


Eva Tkint

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