Stieglitz  is a women’s fashion label from Amsterdam founded by Pien Stieglitz. The world, with all its wonders, is the main the source of Stieglitz’ creativity. Every Stieglitz collection is inspired by a country, a culture or a tribe. Stieglitz brings different worlds together and builds a new Stieglitz world. Our world is represented by independent and strong women. Stieglitz aims to be a brand that empowers women and stimulates them to stand in their own power. A brand that radiates every woman’s uniqueness, individuality and strength. Stieglitz is known for its eclectic prints, the iconic flares, the typical Stieglitz stitch and the stripe suits. We are unique. All designs and prints are created by our team. Everything is drawn and painted by hand with love in our Amsterdam atelier. Stieglitz is more than fashion, Stieglitz is a state of mind. There are so many ways to express your femininity and strength. Clothing is part of that. The Stieglitz woman is self-aware, proud, self-willed, stubborn, different and freedom is important to her. Stieglitz is expanding and growing on all sides. Now that we have established a strong market position across the Netherlands, we are focusing on expanding Stieglitz’ presence in the European market.


Liv Demol

+32 474 45 84 66