Mud Jeans


MUD Jeans is a Dutch sustainable denim brand, the first circular denim brand in the world. In 2013 MUD Jeans introduced the innovative ‘Lease A Jeans’ fashion concept. With this concept MUD Jeans has won various prizes such as the Edie Award for Sustainability Business Models,the Peta Vegan Awardand most recently in 2020 the ABN AMRO Sustainable Retailer Of The Year Award. On a daily basis the company engages and applies itself in the transition towards a circular fashion industry by recycling andupcycling resources. MUD Jeans attains the high standards of various sustainability organizations such as the worldwide B Corp.MUD Jeans scores in the top 5 of B Corps in the Benelux.

MUD Jeans has been carbon neutral since 2016. In collaboration with BLUEdot MUD Jeans offsets its impact through the investment of carbon positive renewable energy initiatives. This year the company will not only be carbon neutral but will actually hit themark of carbon positive, by means of carbon capturing collaborations with non-profits such as withJustdiggit.


Vinnie Devreest

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