Horai is a Belgian brand of exclusive fragrances and flavours by Thomas Baert, a designer and product developer for over 20 years. His long-time passion for scents, flavours, colours and design culminated in the foundation of Horai Studio in 2018.



Inspired by the eponymous goddesses of Greek mythology who preside over the seasons, the heavenly constellations and time, Horai offers timeless sensory experiences for the discerning hedonist. Horai creates and develops a luxurious collection of high-end, yet daring and eclectic products, with a meticulous focus on detail from conception to finish. To this end, Horai collaborates with creative professionals from around the world. Horai devise essential fragrances and flavours to forge mythical moments.



For Horai’s first collection of unique room sprays, Thomas Baert joined forces with perfumers Miguel Matos from Lisbon and Chris Maurice from Barcelona. Together, they captured a plethora of emotions, gestures and experiences in seven delicately balanced scents, which are presented in beautifully designed luxury atomizers.