Garage Basic


Since 1988 the organization behind Garage produces T-shirts for several well-known brands and retail chains in Europe. From this production background Garage was launched in 2009. Because of this combination, Garage is one of the few brands that produces its own T-shirts. The high quality yarns are sourced in-house, fabrics are knitted and dyed in an environmentally friendly way, T-shirts are produced in our own fully certified factory which guarantees quality 12 months a year. All requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility are met. The Garage collection consists of basic qualities, models and colors. 2-pack T-shirts in single jersey and organic cotton/elastane and boxer shorts in cotton/elastane. Single pack T-shirts in 1×1 rib cotton and cotton/elastane in white, black, grey mélânge and navy.



Willem s’Heeren